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Fontana Clogging Jamboree

2011 Jamboree Memories

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2011 Fontana Jamboree Staff: Scotty Bilz, Jeff Driggs, Naomi Pyle, Chip Summey, Barry Welch

Dancers learn a fun routine with props to Yeah 3X by Jeff Driggs

Naomi and her fellas: Paul, Joe, Nick, C.J. and Matt!

Jason Pflugh, Jeff Driggs and Adam Mowry cut a rug during the Friday Night Social

Chip, Nick, Jeff and Barry cotton eyed Joe

The Grass Stains Bluegrass Band, with Special Guest Drew Williams and Jeff Driggs

More fun learning the Yeah 3X routine with Jeff

The Bittersweet Cloggers

Cherie Sullivan's Good Time Cloggers with Scotty

Look at the tshirts from Fontana!

Doris, Dawn, Hilda and Barb of the Red Devil Cloggers of Ohio reunited at Fontana!

A floor filled with energy at Fontana!

The Evermean Evergreen Cloggers of Tennessee exhibitioning at Fontana

Ginger Taylor always wows the crowd with her fun exhibitions!

The Grass Stains

More bluegrass pickin' during the lunch break Saturday on a beautiful Fontana afternoon.

Sue Tandett's Dixiefire Cloggers had a blast at Fontana!

John, Coy and C.J. of the famous Bailey Mountain Cloggers performing at Fontana in their Yeah 3X big shoes!



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Jeff Driggs   (304) 610-6254

Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle   (812) 579-6979